Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project, part 1

It looks a bit crowded, but for now it's the only space I have. I moved the bookshelves around, and organized all the books. I do not need to buy any curriculum for a while! I put the little chairs and table over near the bookshelves and two tall stools for bigger people next to the bar. Notice the letters on the little phonics board? Nice, I just read what they say. Gotta love my preteens.

Have you ever heard of Time Tracker Tags? I bought these last year and they are such a great thing to help with time management. You can monitor 3 people by programing each "tag" with the amount of time needed, then the child can take it with them and be alerted when the time's up. It can count down and up. I really like it for the "do your math for 30 minutes" thing. Or, "you can play outside for an hour".
I was getting kinda excited for this school year as I was going through math flash cards, school supplies and books. I am also excited for L. to start Jr. High. I think he is really going to like it. I will be spending many hours in prayer for him in public school.

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