Thursday, July 23, 2009


E. had his evaluation this morning.  No conclusions as of yet, waiting to hear back from the OT tomorrow.  She did say that she had no real concerns with E's fine or gross motor skills, and she was pretty impressed by the amount of English he knows.  He also has great "planning" in the way he moves his body.  She did not do too many activities which would appear to me to have anything to do with sensory processing disorder, but she did ask me a lot of questions about how E. is at home.  I also filled out a long survey about E's behaviors and SPD, which is what I will hear back about as soon as it's scored.  E. was pretty well behaved while we were there, but of course five minutes after leaving the building and getting near our car, he threw a fit and was sitting on the ground.  We stopped and got a treat and then went to play at Sarah's house for a bit. He loves his girlfriend, Bean, and today gave her a big kiss, right in the eye ball!

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