Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A love(hateRAD) poem

He may never pick me a dandelion
It's a challenge for him to give a kiss

He doesn't ask for help
Or trust when offered advice

He doesn't listen to answers I give
He would rather ask others instead

He wants to tie his own shoes
And takes a million years to get ready for school

He sneaks, lies, lurks
Looking, watching, but missing

He only shows emotion when angry
Or when served dessert

He rarely connects with anyone
Unless it's in a superficial way

He lives to annoy
And gets annoyed with everything

Many don't see it, or understand
They see his cute smile, or silly laugh
And think everything is ok

I know somewhere deep down he does love
But fear pushes love aside

Praying time and understanding will eventually break the cycle

Then, we both can feel.

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