Thursday, April 4, 2013

My 37th year

To Do/My Bucket List:
1. Be joyful.
2. Be more creative.
3. Journal every day for a full year.
4. Be healthy and fit.
5. Don't waste a minute.
6. Read the bible/pray daily.
7. Take the whole family on a vacation.
8. Be open to trying new things.
9. Do the Polar Bear Plunge.
10. Run a 5k.

1 comment:

Kathy C. said...

Good list. Step by step. It's easy to start out strong and enthusiastic and then burn out.

I am reading through the Bible, but may not make it all in a year. I have a cool chronological Bible, which means everything that happened at the same time is together even if it's not in the same book. But I am stuck in rules for the tabernacle, offerings etc (Exodus/Deuteronomy).

Taking the whole family on a cruise in June. June is more expensive, but cruises can be really affordable if you can go at any time. I like it because all the food and rooms are included and people can do different activities according to what they like.