Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heartbeat Conference

I am at the airport ready to board my plane to get home. I have been away too long, since Monday. The Heartbeat Intl. Conference started on Wednesday, and we had the final banquet last night. I have meet some amazing, inspiring and strong women and men from all around the world this week. I am so excited about the things I have learned about marketing for pregnancy clinics, how to support and love women, men and families, and much more. My travel buddy Kim and I had a great time, often staying up way too late talking. I wish the weather would have been better; we didn't feel like venturing out into the unknown city with the cold, rainy weather. When it did finally warm up a little, we were in conferences all day. I hope the sun follows us home!

Oh, and J did the sweetest thing for my birthday! He had roses delivered to my room as a surprise. One yellow rose since I was in Texas.

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