Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inner voice

Many times starting an exercise program makes me feel worse about myself. I start thinking, mid squat jump or while getting on the ground for push-ups, "How in the world did you get this out of shape!" "Why even bother! Just live with the way you are." Or worse. I hate that voice! I really want to hear a positive, encouraging one that can keep me moving and motivated. Where does that one live? Until I find her, I decided I am going to reward myself immediately after my workouts with a small prize for myself. It can be a hot bath, some time reading, an at home mani or pedi, or time creating something. As long as it is not food or drink related and it is for me, it is allowed.

Don't you just LOVE my mustard yellow bathtub!

1 comment:

Christine Rinehart said...

Yes I do absolutely love that mustard yellow bath tub! What can I say, I should've been a grown up in the 70's. Oh, and H2O is always a great reward. ;) Except that I get so board with it that I'm a cheater and I drink yucky yet yummier than H20 crystal light.