Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blood Sweat and Tears

I was admitted to the er on Monday after a horrible weekend of pain and a trip to the urgent care center. They did some blood tests at the clinic and were going to schedule an ultrasound, but when they got the test results back they called me and told me to go to the ER. That is after I noticed my urine had turned orange and my eyes were yellow. Not good. Also, Jeremiah had left for AZ that morning. Nice timing. So I called my mom, thankfully she was off work for MLK day. She met us at the hospital and helped with the kids. Then she took them to her house where my sister met her and Allison watched them so my mom could be a the hospital. They gave me an ultrasound and an MRI type test. I was pretty out of it, so I don't remember a lot, but my friend Teresa was by my side making me laugh and keeping my spirits up. They thought I had passed a gall stone and it was blocked in a duct. They couldn't find it. So, they assumed that one had passed and irritated my pancreas. So my diagnosis was pancreantitis.(sp?) I was told they wouldn't do surgery until that was better. Well thankfully the surgeon disagreed and wanted to have the gallbladder removed before that happened again. It was full of stones, I saw them roll around on the ultrasound. I didn't have surgery until yesterday afternoon and I am now out of the hospital at my mom and dad's house. They are helping with the kids and me.

ALSO We found out Elijah will have his final visa appointment TOMORROW. This is it, we could travel and go get him as soon as the visa is in hand! PLEASE pray and pass along this to anyone you think would pray for us.

God is good to have the timing of me being sick work out before Elijah gets here. Even though it is so hard with Jeremiah not here to help and support me.

The post title came to mind as I was crying and having a breakdown after getting home and having my pain killers wear off. It has been an emotional, tiring week. My good friend and huge support is in Texas with Baby Bear and am so sad she is not here too. She cried when I told her Elijah could be home soon. She will most likely miss his homecoming. I am so glad she is able to be with Bear. Please pray for her, she's had an emotional week too!


Kathy C. said...

I'm glad they were able to correct everything now. That would have been horrible if it happened in Haiti.

Salzwedel Family said...

I'm sorry it has been such a hard week...I can't imagine! Praying for your total & complete healing before your son COMES HOME!!!