Thursday, January 29, 2009

I know that I keep asking you all to pray...I keep thinking that the more people are praying for Elijah and his visa, the more God will listen and do what we want Him to do. I know that's not really the way God works, but one can be hopeful right? I need to remember that God's timing is perfect and He has a plan that is better than I can ever imagine. I need to remember to stop acting like a kid at times. throwing the classic fit "I want it NOW!". But, just in case my little prayer theory does work, I went ahead and sent out this email to many people today:

Hi friends,

Most of you know about our plans of adopting from Haiti and our son Elijah. We have been waiting for Elijah, now two and a half years old, for about nineteen months. We are at the very end of the process now, thank God! We are requesting your ernest prayers. Last week, Elijah had his visa interview. The US embassy had requested a difficult paper to obtain, and our adoption workers in Haiti have been trying hard to get things in order. They are going to try to submit a receipt and are hoping the embassy will accept this paper and issue Elijah's visa. This will hopefully take place in a week. As soon as Elijah gets his visa he can come home. Jeremiah will be traveling to pick him up as soon as we get word his visa is in hand. PLEASE remember to keep our family and Elijah in your prayers, so we can be reunited as a family VERY VERY soon. Pray that the embassy will accept this paper so things will not be delayed any longer. And please pray for the other children and families who have been waiting a very long time for their homecomings too!

Thank you so much,

I love knowing people are praying for us. I love that our church prays for us. I love that our kids pray for their brother's adoption at EVERY meal. I love that they ask others in their sunday school class to pray for their brother. I gives me a sense of comfort and peace. I have seen God do amazing miracles and am hoping he will do one for us. I posted Elijah's passport photo again (above). I am hoping it is the last photo I will post on the blog until he is home. I can't wait to post those airport first (well, third for me) meeting pics! I will update when I get some more news. Until then, pray for a miracle!


Ericka said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog :)
You know, it doesn't help that he is just so stinkin' cute :)
Praying to get him HOME!

Salzwedel Family said...

I am praying for your precious boy and your entire family. It's hard to understand the reason for the waiting, but I trust we are being refined in the process.