Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sammy with the kids, modeling the New Year hat Kylie made at Children's Sibling Playroom. (poor Kylie always has hair issues!!)
Samuel sleeping off the anesthesia. He sleeps with his eyes open sometimes, he's unable to close them all the way.

Well, we didn't get to have Lena come over as planned. Baby Bear in Haiti was unable to get his visa and he is still not in the US. We will see what happens, but hopefully he will be ready to travel this coming week. Then Sarah will leave, and we will likely have Lena stay here until she leaves for Haiti to see her mama.

Samuel had his MRI on the 31st. He did well, and we will hopefully hear the results of that soon. They also did a shunt series, a set of x rays to see how his shunt is working and be sure it's in place correctly.

We went to a friend's house for New Years Eve. Samuel did so well, even went to sleep in his pack n play without a problem. Love that kid! He was so charming with everyone; showing off his dance moves, crawling around and pulling himself up on people's legs, and giving kisses to his favorite people. So cute! He is very musical, and loves to dance to music, pound on things, and play his xylophone and drum toy. Maybe he will be a musician as he grows!

Tomorrow is his birthday. We have a few friends and grandma and grandpa coming over. I am making some sloppy joes and Jeremiah is picking up a cake at Costco. I hope Sammy likes chocolate!

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Kathy C. said...

Praying for baby bear to be able to come get the help he needs!!!