Saturday, January 17, 2009

not sure what it means, but...

Here is an email from our adoption worker.

I got an email from A. He doesn't mention anything exactly about needing another paper, but I will try to make sure. From what I understand this is what happened.

Elijah had his bp interview. They asked for another document. A explained that it costs a lot to keeping flying to PAP with the kids. They said "okay, you can pay for the visa now then". Well, A didn't have the money with him. He stayed in PAP and was able to get money. He emailed them to ask if he can bring it in, but they said no, they wanted to see Elijah again (ugh). So he emailed them to say he can be there next week on the 22nd and he is still waiting to hear back from them. So pray they accept this. It's all I know at this point. I think he is waiting for the final visa approval appointment, but that is what I need to make certain. Sorry to not have any further information.

So I guess we need to keep praying! Please pray hard for this all to get straightened out. Pray that his birth parent interview was approved, and that the final visa appointment will be made. Pray that there is no mixup, or misunderstanding and that there is NO chance for the embassy to deny Elijah's interview. Thank you so much.

Today we got a huge box of clothes from J's brother and sister in law. They have been so kind and supportive of our adoption. They've been saving all of their son's clothing and passing them to us. Not only are they doing that, but they are shipping them all the way from Germany, where they are stationed. Also, the clothes are very nice, GAP and Old Navy boys clothes in near perfect condition. Thanks B. and H.! Elijah will be one well dressed little boy, with minimal expense to our growing family. What a blessing!

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Kathy C. said...

Hope he is in your arms soon.