Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Sick

What next, God?

I have a horrible cold, along with 3 others in our household. My theory is we caught it in the ER or hospital. Or church. Or the grocery store. Who knows. I don't like being sick, especially on top of recovering from surgery.

I spent an obnoxiously long time online last night looking at flights to Haiti. We are trying to decide what to do when the time comes to travel. Do we have Jeremiah fly to Fort Lauderdale or Miami, then to Cap Haitien? Do we have him fly to PAP and have someone take Elijah to PAP? (this is the cheapest option) or fly to PAP, take a small plane to CAP to get Elijah. The Lynx Air website wasn't working so I couldn't see their schedule but they have certain days they fly and this is sometimes a conflict. That is why when we went last spring we stayed in Florida for several nights. Anyway, after I fell asleep I had Nyquil induced dreams about flight schedules and travel. I am glad I am not going to travel to Haiti, although I'd love to be there to see Elijah right away, I don't like sitting for so long. I also heard of someone being kidnapped and killed in PAP last week. It is still a dangerous place. We are leaning towards flying on Lynx to CAP. Jeremiah can be at the orphanage for a night or two and give Elijah a chance to say goodbye.

Then the phone rang at 5 in the morning. It was J's work asking him to come in. This rarely happens, but he was up and out of the house in record time. He is missing his meeting at our church for the worship team. I am sad for him since he was really looking forward to it. He is planning on showing up late when he is done at work, I hope they don't mind!

So, I am still in bed, with a cold and not too sore tummy, with 3 sick kids and my laptop. Still praying, still hoping, and dreaming of traveling to Haiti very soon!

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Tommy's mommy said...

We have been praying for your family's adoption and so glad to see everything is coming together. Get well soon, you have much to do my friend :)