Monday, January 5, 2009

Power of prayer

Yesterday at church I opened up our bulletin. They have a weekly bookmark inserted in the bulletins every Sunday with prayer requests for members of the church. I was excited to see our names on it! It said: Please pray for the Smith family as they await the arrival of their adopted son, Elijah. Pray that Elijah's visa will be approved so he can come home soon!
Isn't that cool?

I decided to do a fast. I am giving up the internet. My addiction, I must admit. Since beginning this adoption I have become overly attached to this thing, and now I will only be checking my emails once a day starting tomorrow and until we get news on Elijah's visa. This is going to be very challenging for me, but I feel it is something that I must do. Please keep praying for us, and if you feel called to, join me in this internet fast! I will not be posting on here until we have word of Elijah's visa, or until the end of Feb. which ever comes first. If it's the later, you can expect it will be a post asking for you all to pray some more!

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Nina said...

Good luck on your fast. I could give up eating much easier than checking my email LOL