Monday, June 1, 2009

Social Security

I took E. to the Social Security office today to apply for his first ss number and card.  It will arrive in two weeks.  In a few months we will go through a readoption process and change his name (it really isn't Elijah) but he is already a US citizen and has our last name.  We are choosing to do a readoption so he will have a US birth certificate.  He has a Haitian birth certificate now.  He should get his ss card in the mail in a few weeks, and then when we have his name changed we will have to make another fun stop at the office to update them.

We were able to fix the pool and the kids had their first swim this afternoon.  It was a bit cold, but L, C. and K didn't mind too much.  E. went in for a few minutes and his teeth were chattering pretty quick.  He really liked running through the sprinkler and watering plants with the hose or watering can.

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