Sunday, June 14, 2009

More to do's

This has really been helping me get things done!  Sorry if I am boring you.

To Do:

Mail Jenny a check-DONE
Call eye doctor for K.-DONE
Call school district to request evaluation for E. in the fall-DONE
Send friend's daughter a card for graduation
Look for Father's Day gifts
Shop for groceries for company-DONE
Clean house for company-DONE
Take stuff to consignment shop
Take stuff to Goodwill-DONE
Call pediatrician to make appointment for S. and E.
Call Ann about S.
Meet family at children's museum on Wed.-DONE
Help set up gazebo and picnic table in yard-DONE
Make appointment for dermatologist- DONE
Make myself eye doctor appointment- DONE

Weekly Dinner Menu:
(Most dinners are from Easy that place!)
Monday: Taco Salad
Tuesday: BBQ Pork Chops with mop sauce, zucchini
Wednesday: Out to eat with family
Thursday: Hamburgers/hotdogs and sides
Friday: Coconut Tilapia with Tangy Apricot Dipping Sauce, salad, rolls
Saturday: Lemon Barbecued Chicken, salad, corn
Sunday: Beef Souvlaki, mashed potaotes, green beans

1 comment:

Tommy's mommy said...

I love your lists, it helps me remember things I haven't even gotten onto my lists yet! Is it really Father's Day already?

And the only thing missing from you weekly dinner menu is ME! Those are fabulous dinners, yummy.

I won't see you at playgroup tomorrow, but I hope to see you again soon.