Thursday, June 25, 2009

Almost Friday!

More rashes on another child!  Is it from E. or the dog?  That is the million dollar question. Our long haired chihuahua has a spot on his chest that I noticed the other day, the day after I noticed several spots on my daughter, C.  C. and Jackson the chihuahua are best friends and often sleep together. We immediately made a doctor appointment and it seemed like deja vu.  He was just as stumped as he was about E.'s rash.  He took a skin scraping and in the meantime prescribed some cream.  It seems like it may be working, for now.  And poor Jackson's been spending a lot more time in his kennel until his skin clears up.

While I was at the doctor (I had to bring all my kids with me) I mentioned my suspicion of E. having some sort of sensory problem.  The doc was kind enough to listen to me even though we were there for another issue.  He wrote a prescription for an evaluation and therapy, and recommended a woman who specializes in this sort of thing.  I called this woman's office and found that they have a waiting list 2 to 5 months long!  I think I may look around a bit more.

The kids have been having a great time at VBS and today they had a hot dog feed for parents and kids afterward.  E. and S. were their charming selves, you would have never even known that moments before we left the house, E. had been whining nonstop for about 30 minutes.  The speech therapist was here and E. was upset about something, but didn't want to share what he was upset about.  He also had a somewhat difficult day yesterday and and even more challenging night.  This is unusual as he is normally a pretty good sleeper (at night).  He was up for what seemed like every hour crying and whining in his bed.  He can turn it on and off like a light switch, and we tried everything possible to be sure he was comforted and happy.  It was just like he was bored with sleeping and was trying to keep himself and us, awake.  He HAD to be exhausted from no nap yesterday and a pretty busy day.   He has been acting this way before bed nearly every night, but usually once he's asleep he stays asleep all night.

Today I was determined to get him and S. to nap, so I had E. go to the potty before laying him down.  I also gave them both some warm milk.  Then I laid them down in their beds.  All was quiet until I checked on the banging noise I heard from their room.  E. was sitting up, banging on his headboard, with a horrible smell coming from his rear.  He had pooped and peed in his pants, just 10 minutes after he had the opportunity to use the bathroom.  I felt like he did it on purpose to spite me!  I prayed for patience and grace as I cleaned him all up and put him back to bed.  He had a great 2 hour nap after that.  And he will be going to bed with a diaper on for a while.

I can't wait for J. (hubby's) days off, coming Saturday!  We don't have many plans, but for some  reason, things just go so smoother while he's home. And E. really listens to him.  

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