Monday, June 8, 2009

My week- To do list and prayer requests

This photo is E. and I. (his best buddy in Haiti).  Lately E. has been crushing on I.'s sister~ they have been kissing each other and holding pretend weddings in Sarah's living room.  It's so cute!

My to do list:  
Clean the house, social worker is visiting on Thursday for a post placement visit -DONE
Fill out paperwork for social worker -DONE
Fill out paperwork for the kids' school summer expenses-DONE
Call my dentist to make appointment for crown -DONE
Get allergy shots-DONE
Get haircut-DONE
Do weekly check in and month end reviews for kids' school-DONE
Mail friend's daughter a card for graduation
Mail Phoneraiser box-DONE
Find a working, cheap or free clothes dryer (ours stopped working last week)-DONE
Go to Easy Entrees -DONE
Speech therapist visit-DONE
Pay bills-DONE
Remember to pray and read God's word-DONE
Call doctor to schedule appointment for L.'s sports physical-DONE
Go grocery shopping-DONE

Prayer Requests:
For E's friend to come home soon
For the people at COTP 
For the people at RHFH
For adoption expenses to be provided
For a dryer to be found -PRAISE, found washer and dryer on craigslist for $150 including delivery.  They're all set up with their first load being washed and dried!!!
For patience
For a doctor and hospital to be found for baby S from Haiti
Praise for this wonderful weather we are having
Praise that we are all healthy!
Praise that we will be having visitors soon, family that we rarely have a chance to see!
Praise for J's job, our home, friends and family
Praise that E. is adjusting so well in our home

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