Friday, June 19, 2009

Trips, family and diets

L. at the beach
E. at the park. Notice how he holds his hands?
S. with his bucket!
K. on the lookout for crabs or fish.
S. and E. beach-combing.

Last week we went to the beach with friends. The kids had a great time exploring low tide and collecting fun sea creatures. E. and S. had fun playing in the little pools and the sand. I got sunburned.

This week we had a fun visit with extended family. They are stationed in another country so we only see them occasionally. We met at the children's museum to play on Wednesday and yesterday they came over to spend the day here. We had a bit of mommy time shopping for a few hours, and then had a bbq complete with smores. After a few minutes with the little kids by the firepit we rethought the whole idea and went indoors while the grown-ups had brownies and ice cream. Pictures to come.

The weekend is almost here and we have no plans! We were planning on a small camping trip this weekend, but it looks like the weather will not hold out. It has been getting cooler and sprinkling off and on. I am only a fair (warm) weather camper! J. may participate in a softball tournament if we end up with nothing to do. VBS starts Monday morning and L. is going to be helping lead the preschoolers! Great practice for him. He is so great with little kids.

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Tommy's mommy said...

Kim I want the same goal weight loss by Sept too. I would love to join in encouragement and ideas, I have tried to lose this weight so many times.

The pictures are just so wonderful. Kids having so much fun. We won't be at playgroup on Monday, Tommy is still sick. But hope to see your family soon.