Monday, June 22, 2009

A trip to the library

We headed out to the library today, after picking up L, C, and K at VBS.  L. was a helper for the preschool kids, and the two girls had a lot of fun playing and learning about Jesus.  The library was a bit busy being the first week of summer break, and a rainy day.  S. (17 months) ran right to the baby pool full of board books saying "booook" as loudly as he could.  He was pretty busy in the children's section with Papa, while I took Elijah to explore other areas.  He was loud and whiny for part of the time, but did well.  We got some good books, but my favorite pick so far was a magazine, Adoptive Families.  I checked out the Feb 2008 edition, mainly because it features articles about parenting AA children.  Here is a great article I just read called Our Blended Family
There are also great articles including some about ADD and girls.  

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