Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sammy update- June

We went to the beach yesterday with friends.  My friend's daughter took these really great pictures of him.  I wish we had a nice camera.  Maybe someday.  
Samuel went to the neuro-developmental  clinic at the Children's Hospital on the 20th of May.  He is delayed a bit in speech/communication and the speech therapy he gets in our home is just the right thing to be doing according to the doctor.  The doctor also recommended Samuel see an OT to get a baseline on his development in that area.  He was pretty impressed with how social Samuel is.  He loves to smile and say hi to people.  
Samuel is learning new words quickly now.  I think it really helps that he has a brother close to his age who is also learning new words.  We are keeping a chart of words he can say, and I will post that soon so you can see how many he knows.  
He is getting into everything and is a very active little guy.  His speech therapist agrees with me that he has a short attention span, maybe shorter than most children his age.  He does like to look at books and can now point to some objects when you ask him to.
His favorite foods right now are any fruits, peas, oatmeal, yogurt, chicken, snacks like cheese puffs and crackers, and sandwiches.  He loves dessert too of course!  
His favorite activities are riding on his little scooter, playing with cars and trucks, kicking and rolling a ball, dancing, listening to people sing and play finger/hand games (like open shut them, this little piggy, where is thumbkin), and playing outside.  He even learned the word outside! (or his rendition of it!)
We stopped going to toddler play group because of timing conflicts.  We also noticed that he would get sick after every week we went.  We figured, along with the special ed teacher there, that Samuel gets plenty of interaction with other children in our home and in the community.
We are planning on having a fun summer and already the weather has been great!  We went swimming a few times and have played outside a lot.  Samuel really loves the water.    

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