Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cute kids

I tried on the boy's wedding attire yesterday. S.'s suit is WAY too big, but the shirt vest and tie fit fine. I think I will just go find some black dress pants and call it good. He's in between sizes 12/18 months and 2T.

E. still looks so stinkin' cute in his little tux and it fits great!


Tommy's mommy said...


I've got a cute vest,tie, shirt and slack in a 2T you are very welcome to borrow. Shirt is white, pants black, tie and vest gray.

CUTE pictures! Your boys are getting so tall and as always their smiles are just too cute.

Your post about Mercy has been heavy on my heart. Lots of love to ya, you are one amazing mommy!

Sandi McMillan

Allison said...

way too cute! He'll be the talk of the wedding!

mama bear said...

Hi Sandi,
I would love to at least try on the outfit. I have a think it may be too big though. The suit I ordered Sammy (from Ebay!) is a size 2T and it's so big.