Monday, October 12, 2009


I got a call from the preschool coordinator. Short story is they think we should wait until spring to give E. more time to learn English, adjust to his new home and catch up developmentally. I had many questions for her, and she happily answered them. We will re-screen E. in the spring if we are still having concerns. Meanwhile I may investigate other preschool options locally and speech therapy. At the very least, we'll keep going to playgroup, therapy, and play dates. We have been spending our days playing, reading, singing and doing what 3.5 year olds do best.

On a side note: I have had several professionals tell me that he is more like a 2 year old developmentally, and I agree. Aside from the fact he his talking more, he and S. are almost on the same emotional level. S. is 21 months old. (except E. is VERY tricky and sneaky, almost passive/aggressive) Sometimes they get along great, sometimes not! They often even wear the same size clothes and many times people ask if they are twins.


Sarah & Crew said...

I'm sooo behind on my blog surfing these days! It sounds like you had a good interaction with the pre-school coordinator, and that's great that they'll re-screen in spring. Does WA state have 4-k? I can't remember if they did when we lived there. Our school district just added 4-K, which is how we got our boys into ESL (the school's involvement is more on the minimal side, due to their age and half-day school status) and speech, but there was no other way we could have easily done it. For some reason, our city has birth to 3 program, and then they have 4K, which is minimal involvement. So the 4-year olds are kind of hung out to dry until they go to all-day school. Ah, the joys of jumping through hoops. But at least it's not Haiti or USCIS I tell myself, right? ;)

Beautiful family you got there!
:) Sarah C.

mama bear said...

Sarah, WA does not have a 4K program, at least not in our area. So, we will wait until spring and see what happens. He will be 4 in April, so he will have another year before Kindergarten.
Take care!