Sunday, October 4, 2009


We enjoyed a trip to see J.'s favorite baseball team before the end of the season last night. It was a rare treat, but we ALL went. We bought the cheapest tickets and went bravely. We waited outside by the gates for a while before they opened 2 hours prior to the game. We had time to kill, and we waited patiently for about 20 minutes. We were entertained by a man named Maynard. He was dressed in a black jumpsuit, with a back pack padlocked to his body. He was an AA man, with messy short dreads, horrible halitosis, and a goatee. He was a bit mental and a lot intoxicated. He was asking quite loudly when they would let us in. He announced to everyone that he actually had a ticket and was going to go in to watch the game. He was going to be a pro baseball player, if someone just would give him a change. He told us he was going to have a street named after him someday. It will be called "Maynard I don't got my own boulevard, Boulevard" He was also very unhappy about how all the authority figures were making us wait so long to get in. All he wanted to do was go watch the game and "chill with his homies". His language was quit colorful and he was a bit scary. He was also pretty humorous and E. kept laughing at him when he was talking to everyone in line. He got right up in K.'s face once when he was asking why they can't speed up the clock. She didn't really know what to say. She just shrugged. Then they moved us all over to the other gate. We obviously were waiting in line in front of the wrong one. That's when Maynard lost it. He was shouting about police, security and everyone preventing him to live the way he wants, told us all he wasn't on drugs, and that we just need to accept him the way he is. He told a single women and her daughter that he would defend her, while putting his hands out in front of them like he was blocking them from harm. She started crying, her daughter was frightened. J. had to step in and tell Maynard to settle down and "can it". It worked, and they actually let him in through the gate and his backpack passed the security check. Then, out of all the seats in the ENTIRE stadium, who would you think we were seated near? MAYNARD! He was sitting quietly for most of the game and I was quite impressed that he wasn't shouting or making a scene. He must love baseball. He was good, until the sixth inning. We heard him stand up and start a shouting match with one of his neighbors. He stormed off, with a security person following closely behind. I am praying for Maynard. I feel badly that I couldn't help him somehow. I walked on eggshells, protected my children and ignored his rants. I didn't want to get involved. I am not sure how or if I could have helped a person like this, but for sure will pray for him.

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