Thursday, October 15, 2009


I just spent half an hour unlocking my nearly 2 year old out of his child safe room (thank God for that!). E. and S. have been playing with the doors in our house all morning...opening, closing, slamming, walking in and out, letting S. outside with nothing on, letting the dogs out, etc. I kept redirecting, asking them to not mess with the doors... until E. tells me the news. "S. locked de dor"! I hear S. crying in his room. Oh no! I look for the lock picker thing, but remember it got lost. So I look for the screwdriver to unscrew the door knob. Of course there is no phillips screwdriver to be found, anywhere. Mind you, there WAS a screwdriver sitting on a shelf in the hallway, no more than an hour before this. Now it was missing. I looked everywhere and ended up using a part of our cordless drill. It took awhile but I did it. I opened the door to find S. naked, sleeping on his bed. He had cried and screamed himself to sleep. But he is safe and fine. I am irritated. Tonight, when hubby gets off work he will be going to the hardware store to buy doorknobs without locks. Or the ones that have the button you push to lock, you just need a pin to open them from the outside. Obviously the people who remodeled our house did not have small children.


Kathy C. said...

Just what you didn't need huh?

Laurie said...

Ahhh poor little guy & Momma. How traumatizing for bothof you.

That happened to one of my big kids once; but she locked herself in the bathroom, where there was stuff that was potentially dangerous. There was no hole in the door knob to pick the lock & the & in her panic she couldn't figure out how to unlock the door. I paniced too & called 911 & the fireman came & used a drill to put a hole in the door knob so we could pick the lock & release her. I made sure all knobs had holes or no locks after that too.

Brenda said...

No comment...just a hug and a smile. :)