Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall update

Sammy is doing good. He is getting very tall and is still slender. He is wearing 2 T clothes. He is active and love to dance and watch a show called Yo Gabba Gabba. He doesn't like many other tv shows but loves this one! He likes to read books, listen to music and ride his scooter bike outside. He also likes to swing. He is usually a happy, friendly guy but his temper is starting to show. He is having trouble with biting and hitting lately. He has a short attention span and is getting into everything!

He is still receiving therapy for speech but is almost caught up with his peers. He also is suspected to have sensory processing disorder, where he is a seeker and has low registration. He needs a lot of input for his body to register the sensations. We are working with a therapist for this too. He likes to put things in his mouth all the time, which is concerning for safety and illness.

He has an appointment at the hospital for an MRI and consultation with the surgeon in December. I am hoping they can narrow down a surgery date for reconstruction, but they may still want to wait until he gets bigger. He has been fussing more and rubbing his head on occasion, which concerns me because of his Chiari Malformation.

He had his hearing formally evaluated last week and he has no hearing loss. This is great since he has a higher risk for this because of his defect. He will have to go back in a year to test again.

Our family has been busy adjusting to school, and other activities. Sammy went to his first pro baseball game last weekend. He had a lot of fun and was very well behaved. His favorite part was the music they play between innings, and doing the WAVE.

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