Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am still so moved when I read this email from nurse Lori. To think that the actions of these volunteers and doctors can create change in a whole other country. Amazing!

I wanted you to know that this is the first child that I have seen with this condition. It's not because it doesn't happen around here. It happens, but the people think that it is a devil child. They think that the thing coming out of it's head is a horn. In our area, they have killed every child that has been born with this condition until now. I think that Alex's parents heard about us through Schnider's parents (boy with cleft lip/pallet here in US) and just took a chance. It will be a monumental testament to God's Grace if Alex gets surgery and comes back here. If they can see that these children CAN be helped, grow up, and NOT turn into a devil.........you, my wonderful friends, will save many lives for years to come!

Can you imagine the huge effect this can have in their village? How helping one child can truly affect an entire village, thus influencing the views of an entire country?

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