Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ugandan Orphans Choir

They are here and we are having a great time! We are hosting Ester (10), Josephine (8) and Viola (10). They are the sweetest girls. We also are hosting a chaperone, Sylvia, who was sponsored by Childcare Worldwide and went to college. She is now a teacher! We met them at the church yesterday, had lunch and went to the bowling alley. They were so excited to bowl, Ester scored a 120, not bad for the first time! The girls love playing with our toys, dolls and watching movies. They also love to have their pictures taken, or take photos with our camera! They were amazing last night at bed time. They were ready for bed and asked my kids to come pray with them. They were praying in their language, Lugandan, and would just break out in song, then pray again. They were truly worshiping the Lord. What a blessing!! The choir had their performance this morning at church. It was soo good. They danced and sang their hearts out. They also had some volunteers come on stage for a dancing lesson. Jeremiah and our girls went up and Jeremiah busted a move while I busted a gut! He acually is a good dancer!

The kids are down south at another church performing this evening. Tomorrow we will have the afternoon to spend together. I am trying to upload some photos of us with the kids so we can give them as gifts. This has truly been an amazing experience for our family.

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