Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More News

Got this email today titled IBESR issues:

As some of you may have heard there are now issues regarding files in IBESR. IBESR is requiring Presidential Waiver/Dispensation for all families that have ANY children. We need you all to write a letter explaining your family situation, financial situation, what you can provide for the child, why you want to adopt, etc. with supporting financial documents. Make the letter personal and request for President Rene Preval to give them a Presidential Waiver so that you can adopt your child.

PLEASE keep praying, maybe the President will get a large stack of these types of letters from parents, he will march over to IBESR and fire those people standing in the way of our adoptions!!!!

The Ugandan children left today. We will all miss them a ton. Pray for these little missionaries as they finish their tour. Especially pray for "our" girls, Viola, Ester, and Josephine!!

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