Thursday, February 14, 2008

Email from Sylvia

We got this lovely email from Sylvia, the chaperone who stayed with us.

HI, how are u doing? Hope that yo all gr8 en doing well. How are u princess Kelly"sori lf i spelt lt wrongly ma dia"en how are u Loren,girls miss u big time! Hi kim,thanks 4 opening yo house for strangers like us,en the lord will reward u 4 that, Hi corin"sori again lf l spelt yours wrongly too gal" Jeremiah,when l look in yours eyes,l so that love of wanting 2 help en your so thoughtful indeed. The chn call you "our dad who is a policeman". Thanks 4 all your efforts 2 make us so comfortable. LOVE U en God help yo chn understand him more en more en love u as there dad en appreciate u."everything u have is just a seed,sowing today,you will b reeping 2morrow." Tak care of yoselves en may God watch over u en fill u with his ever lasting joy. We are going 2 perform 2day at 7pm in Everet then Stanwood on sunday in their 3 services.9,11 en 6,pliz keep us in yo prayers.

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