Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Helande update

Got an email about Helande today!!! Here is the latest:

Hi to all,

I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Helande today. She is doing great!! The last time that we saw her, she weighed 16 lbs 12 oz in Dec. Today, she weighed 19 pounds!! She is waving bye-bye and loved to play with a rattle/flower that we gave her today. She did NOT want me to touch her! I couldn't even be the one to take her picture. My husband had to do it. She is so scared of white people. She did the same thing with Licia. She is well adjusted back with her mom and didn't want anyone but her. Her head seemed fine. Still soft in the back, but no protrusions. Her reactions and vision seemed fine. We are still giving her formula and vitamins every month (a month's supply). Her dad is often the one that comes to get it, since the trip is so hard for them. Every time she comes, I'll get you some pictures and let know how she's doing. She was a real bright spot in my day today. Her and her mom couldn't make the trip back up the mountain tonight, so they are sleeping here and will leave tomorrow AM.

Thank so much for all of your hard work, services, and love that you gave to precious Helande!

Seeing these pictures made me cry. I miss her so much, but am so happy she is there too. I can't explain, just wish we were able to visit in person. It is good that we can still get updates once in a while. Thanks Lori!
This is her head, it looks so GREAT! Her hair got long too.

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