Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Count Down

I am counting down the days to when we will have a house full of sweet orphans from Uganda. We are hosting three girls and a chaperone. I can't wait to meet them and see how the kids do with these guests. They will be coming on Sat. afternoon. We will be eating lunch at our church together, take them bowling as a group, and then come to our home for the rest of the night. They are going to perform in their choir at our church on Sunday, then travel to another church further south. Then Monday we will be seeing them in the morning, and afternoon/eve. They will leave on Tuesday morning. So really not a lot of time together, but I know it will be great! I think it will be great for our community as well. Meanwhile I am cleaning, de-cluttering and will be grocery shopping.

I am also counting down the days until I hear news that we are out of IBESR. I have been hearing/reading rumors about people with bio. kids not being signed out. I am getting very anxious. I am going to be fasting and praying like crazy tomorrow. Why is this so difficult? I think I could endure the waiting, it is the not knowing that is hard. When we went into this we thought it would be a done deal as soon as we got our referral. After being online I have discovered many families (and personally know one) that are having so many problems getting their kids home.

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