Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy day...

My poor son, Loren has to have 4 teeth extracted today. Please think of him as you are eating your leftover valentine candy! I hope he isn't in too much pain. This is just the beginning of orthodontic care. One down, four to go. Ugh.

Corinn is involved in a homeschool play. She is very excited to be going to weekly practice and was happy about the role she got. It is good to see her positive about an activity. She has practice today and was also happy to hear her friend is going to start coming too!

Jeremiah is working over time again. He was called into work yesterday evening and worked until midnight. I guess they are really short staffed. many accidents and illnesses causing people to be at home. I wonder if it is the sunshine effecting them? So today he's working but this time teaching a class. It was planned a month in advance. He's a bit nervous. It's great for our budget, all this OT, so we can have extra for traveling to Haiti.

So my day will be filled with driving kids, picking them up, sitting in the dentist waiting room with 3 kids and listening to whining of a nearly 12 year old boy. FUN!

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