Monday, February 2, 2009

Giving in...

We live in the country. Our definition of country: no cable tv or high speed internet. We live about 7 minutes away from civilization, and really enjoy our little 4.7 acre slice of heaven. We have high hopes of building our dream home here one day, having a wonderful garden, and enjoying our wooded land. We've been without television for a long time. We found out last year that with rabbit ears we can get 3 (4 on a good day) Canadian channels on our tv. It is sometimes hard to view our favorite shows through the snow, so we sometimes have to resort to going to friends' homes to watch something we cannot miss.

We got an ad in our phone bill last month for a bundle special. TV, high speed internet and phone service for one low monthly payment. I decided to call and see if we could get signed up. No surprise, high speed internet was not available in our area. But we could still get TV, DirectTV. So after PLEADING with my hubby, we signed up. The guy comes out Saturday to install the dish and two receivers. I cannot tell you how excited my kids are. I am having some mixed emotions.
DTV pros:
great educational programs
can watch my fav. shows without fuzz, adjusting antennae or making one of the kids stand near the tv with arms in the air
good rainy day activity
love TLC
good for bribing

DTV cons:
kids want to have it on all the time
annoying Cartoon Network (will be blocking this channel)
time waster

So it looks like the pros win. Lord help us.

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Kathy said...

I just signed up for netflix and the kids can watch instant movies (set up on my computer only) for ten stickers earned by a good attitude each day and a moderately cleaned room. Extra stickers awarded for things I see which impress me--my oldest being able to deal with frustration when the bus didn't show up and he walked four miles home!! and so on. Gotta love the reward aspect of the new TV thing.