Friday, February 20, 2009

Travel Plans

Things are slowly coming together. We have been trying to find available flights on Lynx so Jeremiah wouldn't have to fly to PAP. It's been hard! The best flights are available to fly March 2 thru 4th. So if everything works out ok, he may be flying to Miami on the 1st and coming home March 5th. This is later than we would prefer, but I'm sure the time will fly by trying to get things together. We haven't received word that the visa was picked up, but hope to soon. I think I remember that most of the time the embassy says to come in after 1pm. So, that will be in a few hours.

Also, we are looking into adoption leave for Jeremiah's job. We heard that he can get 6-7 weeks off paid, but it seems that it's really hard to get and will probably only be getting a week off. He will be spending that week traveling, and with the Chief's permission, he can get an extension for another week. That would be nice to have him home for a bit while everyone is adjusting.

We ended up buying a toddler bed yesterday, and Sarah is loaning us a crib mattress. We figured it would be better for Elijah to be up off the floor a bit. We will be working on putting the bed together soon and I will post pics of his room. I did some shopping yesterday and we went out to dinner with friends to celebrate the news!

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