Monday, March 2, 2009


Had a lovely online chat just a few minutes ago with J. Here are some reports:

E. is on his lap, and said "Mama" when he saw my photo.

He is repeating a lot of words and saying "oui" when people ask him questions.

There are 7 people there

J. saw a few of the older kids, but not many others. Another family is arriving to pick up their kids on Wed.

E. has a runny nose, will fit in with the rest of our family well!

J's exhausted.

His bag made it there!

E. was stuffing his face with pancakes and pineapple.

They are sleeping in one of the rooms near the playroom in the guest house. E. has a cot set up near J's bed.

Oh, how I wish I was there.


Michael said...

Please tell J to give our love to D!

Stephanie said...

So good to hear he is there with him. I wish I was in Haiti too. Part of my heart is there for sure.

Laurel said...

So excited for your family!!!


PS: Saw your comment on Fitzville blog. I CANNOT believe another adoptive parent would make such a statement. So glad it didn't deter you from raising a cute little black boy, into a strong young black man. I'm a few years ahead of you in the process, so hopefully we'll help pave the way for your 2 precious little guys. :)

stephanie garcia said...

So excited that very soon your son will be HOME!!