Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two weeks

It's been two weeks since Elijah's arrival. He is still doing well and learning new things all the time. He repeats us a lot but still doesn't understand a lot. He has been doing a new thing the last two days where he will babel nonsense (doesn't sound like Creole or English). I think he is just trying to communicate to us in some way, kinda like if I were to try to speak Japanese. That would sound like a lot of babel too! He is also exploring his boundaries and figuring out the rules. Today he looked at me, heard me say "no Elijah", and decided to kick over the dog's dish with water in it. He got a time out and then came over to say "sorry Mama" with a tiny bit of prodding. He is so sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses. He wraps himself around my leg many times during the day. Today I was able to get away to get my haircut. When I got home he enthusiastically yelled "MAMA!" once I opened the door.

The other day Elijah was walking around with the kids' play glasses on his face. They are red, square shaped frames that were very large on Elijah. I thought he looked a lot like Steve Urkel. I hiked his pajama pants up high and taught him how to say the coin phrase "Did I do that?" Elijah is a pro, even down to the nasally drawl!


Laurel said...

Glad things are going so well.

Hope to run into you soon, to meet that sweet boy!

Laurel :)

Stephanie said...

We need a video of that!