Monday, March 16, 2009

snowboarding and dental appointments

J. and L. went snowboarding last weekend. They went with friends and had a great time. L. wants to buy a board now and go more frequently. I told him that we can keep our eyes open for used equipment. The biggest expense is traveling to the mountain, since we can use funding through the homeschooling program he is in for lift tickets.

Dentist visit was today. We scheduled all five kids for the same time. S. and E. were in a small room for new patients. First we had to fill out medical history and paperwork. Both boys were not liking the confined feeling so I brought out the goldfish crackers. Hellooo, not a good idea with two preschoolers, one mom and a clean carpeted exam room! There were cracker crumbs EVERYWHERE. I felt so bad about the mess. After the older 3 kids were situated, I had Papa come in and help. Elijah was not too cool with rubber gloved hands inside his mouth. I had to sit on the chair with him. He was very clingy and intimidated. Thankfully everyone had a good checkup, with one cavity (on a baby tooth for K.) and one sealant. That will be another day! E's teeth look beautiful, and S's teeth are still coming in quickly, poor baby.

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