Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Schooling decisions

The time has come to make some decisions for school next year. Right now we are enrolled in a parent partnership program (PPP) for homeschooling families. We decided to do this because we could be off site (not take any classes) but still be accountable to someone and collect funds for lessons, books, materials and field trips. A few years ago we were involved with another PPP where we were taking classes there once or twice a week. This was good too. While I love the funds and the classes we can get involved in, I feel the paperwork and such can be overwhelming right now. We are trying to decide what to do next year. We are pretty sure we are sending L. (age 12 and going into 7th grade) to public jr. high school but we need to decide what to do concerning the girls (soon to be 1st grade and 5th grade)

*Home school girls on my own and have NO PAPERWORK to do for the school district

*Enroll girls in the current PPP we are in now off site (no classes)

*Enroll girls in the current PPP on site (take classes but have to stay with them at the building)

*Enroll girls in the other PPP on site (am able to drop kids off with this program) but with more paperwork and restrictions

It's so great that we have all these choices! I am leaning toward homeschooling without the help of the PPP, at least for the first semester. That way I will have more time to adjust having 5 kids, sending my J-higher to school, and concentrate more on teaching the kids and less time worrying about required paperwork, checking in, etc. Any advise?

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Kathy said...

Always a hard choice.