Friday, March 13, 2009

Meal Ideas?

I have used up nearly all my freezer meals I made while waiting for E. to come home. Dinner time here is chaos and I need some quick, easy ideas. I love our crock pot but don't have a lot of good recipes. Any help would be appreciated!


Laurel said...

We've had a crock pot for years ... and it gathered much dust in our cupboards. However, I bought a new cookbook this year and we use our crockpot probably 3 times per week. We LOVE it!

You need to pick up "Fix-It and Forget-It (Lightly): Healthy, Low-Fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker". I think I bought it at Target. (There is also one that is not "Lightly", if you want the full-fat versions. :)



Sarah said... more crockpot recipes than I will ever use! She even has desserts! Some are a bit "fancy" for my kids taste.
Here is an easy one all of the kids will eat:
6-12 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 8oz bar cream cheese (can use fat free or reduced fat)
1 pkg Good Seasons Italian dressing mix (just the powder, don't make the dressing)
1 can cream of mushroom or chicken soup
1/3-1/2 cup of water (1/2 cup if doing 12 breasts)
cook all day on low in crockpot. Serve over rice or noodles. (we use egg noodles)

I also have a baked french toast recipe if you are interested in it. Landie thinks it is cake :) and all of the kids devour it. You can assemble it ahead of time and bake it later.

Ericka said...

Tanya has a blog that has family recipe ideas that I have used a lot - I think it's on her side bar.
Yummy stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Mealtime transition. The best advice I have is earplugs. But if you want recipe ideas:

I love the crockpock 365 website. Really great meals. The other site I use alot is; it gives a week of family friendly menus and a grocery list and not only is it kid friendly food (while still tasty for adults) but it's also fairly frugal.

I also task our teenagers with one weeknight meal a week. They are improving their math (not our family strength) while doubling recipes. And then I can care for the smaller kiddos and reduce chaos just a tad (not much, but it helps).

I haven't added to your freezer yet and need to. We will find a day/time to do that. Maybe you and your kids could come over and visit our goats/chickens? We love to have friends over.

Sandi McMillan (Tommy, Liam, Hannah, Nate)