Thursday, March 12, 2009

In love

I feel like we are all adjusting and bonding very well, a week since Elijah's been home. He has been doing wonderfully.

*He went to bed last night, in his own bed (without crying) and stayed in bed all night long (without crying)! What an accomplishment. Let's hope there is a repeat performance tonight and consistently over time.

*He has been working on keeping his pants dry, although still has the understandable accidents a few times a day. I often think it's because I don't understand him when he is trying to tell me he has to go.

*Elijah has been getting better at communicating. He said "Baby go night night?" last night when it was bedtime (referring to S.) He also understands when I give him simple tasks in English too.

*Elijah is a smart little boy and learns very quickly. I had thought he might qualify for special services through our school district, but am thinking he will be just fine. It's really hard to tell though because of his lack of English.

*Jeremiah took him to get his TB site checked, all clear. He also had round one of labs done. I am so glad I missed it! It breaks my heart having to hold down kids while they get poked in the arm.

I feel so happy E. is my son and that he is here with us. He has been such a blessing. I am grateful that God chose us to become Elijah's parents.

I also wanted to share the post and video on the Livesay's blog about HIV/AIDS. There are many people out there that are not well educated about HIV and should really take the time to read about it.

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Stephanie said...

It's amazing how time seems to fly once they come home. I'm glad things are going well!

I really loved that post on the Livesay's blog the other day. I was thinking I should share it myself.