Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long overdue update

I have not updated this blog in quite awhile. In fact I was just thinking about shutting it down. But I think I will keep it up for now and update when possible.
I came to Uganda in August. I stayed for three weeks waiting for a court date. We got one for the end of Sept. So I went home for two weeks to be with my family and my husband and I came together for court. At the court date, the judge dismissed us and sent our file to Jinja. It got there a few weeks later, then we pushed and tried to be seen before Jeremiah left to come home. The judge couldn't see us, she is transferring to a new position at the end of Oct. So I am here by myself, waiting until next week when we might here some news about a new court date in Jinja with the new judge. Praying for a miracle. If things don't work out then I may return home on my scheduled flight, Nov. 3. Not sure what will happen from there, since we are out of money to purchase another ticket to Uganda, especially when the holidays come around. Plus Mercy's caregiver is planning a trip to Holland in December and she must be present in court. And then ticket prices get crazy expensive. Also there is the issue of elections here. Really dangerous to be in country during that time. Please pray. Consider how you might help our family. I am broken, tired, and weak. But putting all my faith in Him.

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