Friday, October 22, 2010

Taking care of things at home

When I am a gazillion miles away.

My husband came home with a lot to do, and I am so glad that he had a few days off to deal with things before starting work again. In the last week he has:
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Cleaned the roof and gutters
  • Fixed the fireplace door
  • Scheduled and went to two parent teacher conferences
  • Dealt with insurance companies and bills for a prosthetic leg for big K. (praise God all the fees are covered!)
  • Gotten sick with a cold.
  • Cooked and ran errands

THANK YOU for being such a wonderful husband and father J.

I so thankful to my mother in law who has been staying at our house since AUGUST. She is one trooper of a grandma. I am also thankful for my parents for taking kids for overnight visits, for friends who have taken kids to do fun activities, brought over a meal or two, fixed our oven, refrigerator and gave a discount on the repairs for the fireplace door. I am so grateful for your prayers.

Since I really have no idea of when I will return home, I decided to spend a little bit of my time here planning and making lists. I am a list maker! I need some ideas and imput from you.

1. Ideas for easy, healthy meals. I don't really need recipes, just ideas. Throw them out at me, I don't mind. Even if it's just "spaghetti and garlic bread", it may be something I hadn't thought about.

2. Ideas for Christmas gifts for my children and family members. We are on a budget ($25-50 a person) and I won't have much time at all to shop. I most likely won't be able to make gifts either.

3. Ideas for chore assignments for 5-6 kids ranging in ages 13 to 2.


Anonymous said...

easy dinner ideas I have done lately w/ friends: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, French Dips using hamburger patties cut in half on french rolls, baked ziti, beef strhoganof using hamburger, chicken & cheese quasadias, nacho's.

Chores: I have R-Joy wipe down the window sills, dust baseboards & furniture, put out clean hand towels in the bathrooms & put used ones in the laundry, help put clothes in the washer, distribute toilet paper to the bathrooms & put new toilet paper/paper towels in bins in pantry.

Maria McDowell said...

There is this website that has saved my life. It is called I think it is about $5.00 a month, but well worth it. They plan meals for you which are kid friendly and print out the grocery list for dinners and then there is a space where you can add groceries for breakfast and dinner. They have sample menu ideas that you can look at. They are also supposed to go with the weekly ads of what is on sale. I have been doing it for about a month and so far my kids have liked what we have made. They even got to make one themselves. There favorite one was pizza on fresh cheese bagels from Safeway and they put the sauce and cheese and pepperoni on. I can honestly say I have never made homemade pizza with them and they loved it. We also just used spaghetti sauce Safeway brand. It was really good. Even Freddy liked it. Then you could plan it away from home and sent it to them. Some of the stuff you may already have at home and if it is they can cross it off the list they are listed by what meal they are in and where you find it in the store. Just an idea. Check it out.