Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So now what?

Yesterday was supposed to be a day with some answers. But after checking the email and carrying my phone around with me all day, I heard that our attorney was not able to do what he said he would. I believe there was some situation that he didn't have control over that delayed his actions. He said today he will try.

But my return flight is getting closer and closer, less than a week away. My people back home really want me there (and I do too)! I reminded dear lawyer that I am planning on returning home if we don't get word of a court date in the very near future. If this happens, we most likely will not be returning until after the New Year. This makes me sad. We feel like our hands are tied. And for some reason the timing we desire does not seem to be God's plan. So, soon I will be back home and try to resume normalcy for a while. And pinch pennies yet again to save for another trip to Africa. Maybe by this evening I will have WONDERFUL news of miraculous proportion. But I am not holding my breath. Too many lets downs after being here eight weeks does that to a person.

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