Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my baby

My baby turns three in just a couple months. Why am I writing about that now? Because this week he will begin the evaluation process to see if he qualifies for developmental preschool, the same one that E. is in. He will also no longer be part of the wonderful birth to three program he is in now. If he qualifies, he will start going right after his birthday, but will be in the morning class. E. is in the afternoon one.

On Wednesday some people are coming out to our house to play with S. and do the beginning stages of the process. I wish I could be there to advocate for him.

Right now, S. is doing pretty good. He has excellent large motor skills and can run almost faster than K, age 7! He is getting pretty good with his speech too, which he needed help with in the past. I am not sure if he will qualify for preschool or not. But, I hope they will take into consideration how much he is at risk. He does, after all have several brain anomalies, a shunt and Chiari Malformation. He will be having surgery in a year or so too, which could set him back developmentally.
Will keep you posted. Oh how I miss my S. He gives THE BEST hugs and kisses. And I can almost hear his voice and imagine what he will shout when I see him again, "HI, MAAAMMAAA!"

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