Monday, October 25, 2010

what's going on

Today we got word that no one knows when the new judge is arriving in the nearby court.

Tomorrow our attorney is going to be talking to the people in the capital's court to see if we can refile and try again at having our case heard there. Please pray. I am not sure if this means weeks of waiting or not. If things don't move quickly we will miss our window of opportunity and have to wait until after the New Year to have court.

Today I went with M. and saw the orphanage she lived in before she came here. I took some pictures that I will post later. But I can say that I am SOO glad she is at HSH and is getting excellent care. It was good to see the town she came from and meet some of the aunties who cared for her there. I got to hold a few babies too!

Tonight the power is out, it has been since before lunch actually. I need to save batteries on my laptop. But I wanted to get this prayer request out there.
Please please pray.
We need a miracle.

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Melissa said...

Oh Kim, your pain and hardship is real and alive and I am praying for you. I cannot even imagine how hard it is to be away from your family this long. What perspective reading about your trials gives me. I have been really depressed today, cryed in my bed a while, can't get out of my funk. last week really messed me up, thinking we could be in Uganda this week. Highly disappointed after all that. Such an emotional rollercoaster. Well, after reading about what is going on with you, the Lord used it to give me perspective and to help me realize the reality of my situation is not that bad and to get over myself and start living where I am. I do not do well in unexpected situations and disappointments. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use your story in other's lifes. Praying for discernment and peace for you.