Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I woke up, sent M. out to do her morning routine, put earplugs in my ears and fell asleep for another hour this morning. After showering and getting dressed and ready for church, we all loaded up in the Land Cruiser. I sat in the front holding Opio. He loves riding in the front but jumps every time the horn goes off or someone coughs! We went to Calvary Chapel and had a wonderful time of fellowship, worship and bible study. Pastor JB even remembered my name! Many people there are praying for our situation and ask every week how things are progressing.

After church, we loaded up again and drove home on the bumpy, dusty red road. Opio honked the horn MANY times for Auntie to open the gate. We ate a meal of red beans and rice, with avacado slices on the side. The aunties still give me a huge portion, so when I am full, I slide some onto my neighbors' plates. These kids can EAT!

I went to my room, changed into comfortable clothes, checked my email, prayed and listened to an African thunder storm. Beautiful. I took a little nap and now am just taking a few minutes to check in with you all. I really could use some encouragement. I am lonely and feel so out of touch.

This week I have hope. I feel it. It is OUR WEEK. Please join us in prayer that this will be the week we will get a court date. Or at least hear one is in the near future.


Ericka said...

I wore my Mercy shirt yesterday and thought/prayed for you off and on all day :)
The 'dirt' is so beautiful in Africa - that red is just gorgeous.
Praying for a court date SOON!!!!

Amy said...

We'll be praying. You've traveled so far...and you are so much closer to the end than it seems! My go to in these days of waiting is Psalm 10...God IS the helper of the fatherless!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Praying for you.

I lay in bed listening to rain last night. Not nearly as beautiful as an African thunder storm. :)

Laurel :)