Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Christmas tree...

Did you see the t-shirt J. is wearing?

Christmas festivities are in full force here, and it's beginning to feel a lot like it! Things started off with a bang with gift shopping after Thanksgiving. Now we are experiencing VERY cold weather, which the news calls "Arctic Freeze". We are not used to this. We got our tree on Friday night at a nearby tree farm. It ended with cold, hungry and upset kiddos. The older two argued over who got to cut down the tree. Thankfully we live about 5 minutes away and we got home quickly. We ate and decorated. I left off many of my fragile ornaments this year and we have a baby gate wrapped around the finished project!

C. and K. got to stay after school today to make handmade ornaments and decorate the school's tree. They had a great time. C.'s music class will be performing in a few days.

On Saturday we will be going to a holiday party hosted by the local Spina Bifida Association. While we don't have a child with SB, there is not a support group nearby for children born with encephaloceles. Thankfully the SBA was gracious enough to let us join their group since S. does have a neuro-tube defect and hydrocephalus. I hear the holiday parties are wonderful and I am looking forward to it!
L. ready to cut down the perfect tree.

K. helped pick out the tree and keep an eye on the boys.

E. was cold but always has a smile for the camera!

S. liked to point at the trees and say "tee!"

Sorry, no pictures of the decorated tree yet, my camera's battery died.


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Laurel said...

Missing our annual tree farm visit. Don't think we've bought a tree at a tree stand for over 25 years. Today ... I bought a tree at Safeway, before getting on the ferry to head back out to our little island (where I haven't seen any Christmas tree farms).

Hope you all are well.

Mama of Many :)

Anonymous said...

Looks so fun and what great memories.