Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wish list

Love this so much. Need an idea for a friend with special needs kids or a mother of a large family? Here are some great ideas. Many of them are meant for humor, but I would graciously accept any of these gifts!!! This list is from this site.

So you'd like to give me a gift this holiday season? That's nice. I appreciate that so much that I'm going to save you some shopping time. Put the wrapping paper away, forget about the bows and gift tags, and just give me one of these. All I want for Christmas is:
  • Babysitting: A few nights out this year will do me a lot more good than another sweater or DVD.
  • House Cleaning: Oh, yeah. Come clean my house. Anytime. Do you do windows?
  • Homework Help: Teach my kid math; help her write a paper; drill him with flashcards; give me a break.
  • Sounding Board: Therapy? Expensive. Someone like you, who I can call and gripe to for hours. Priceless.
  • Faster Internet Service: Dial-up is making me old before my time. Take up a collection to buy me a faster connection.
  • Back-Up: Come to appointments or school meetings with me. Bring tissues. And maybe a baseball bat.
  • Child's Play: My child wants to play with me, all the darn time. You take a few shifts, okay?
  • Sleep: Offer to take my kids to school one morning. Also wake them up, and get them dressed and fed. I'm sleeping in.

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