Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Please pray for E.'s buddy in Haiti. Isaac is sooo close to coming home to his forever family. We are getting so excited. I asked E. the other day if he remembered Isaac. He had a HUGE smile come over his face and said "yesss." (he says yes like Pedro Sanchez on Napoleon Dynamite)
We can't wait for Isaac to come home and have play dates with E. and S. E. loves to play with Angelina too. I tried to explain that Isaac will be Angelina's brother. He looked confused.

E. had a great time in the snow the other day. He knew exactly what to do with it...throw it at his sister! The girls gave some fun sled rides and they all made snow angels.

It is raining and our snow has melted. I asked E. where it went. He said, "snow went bye bye." I said, "but where?" He said, "I ate it all!" That boy, he melts my heart, just like the snow.

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Momto14 said...

E- its going to be soon buddy. I can't wait to see you two reunite. Joy. :)