Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 am

S. woke up and walked into my room. It was probably more around 4 am. This sort of thing does not happen often. He was wide awake. J. snuggled him, gave him warm milk and put him back to bed. BUT all the activity woke up E. At 5 am I heard two boys. laughing. talking. carrying on like it was play time. Oh NO!

E. has a very loud laugh (or scream or cry) that can wake every member of the house. I went in to their room (where the door was shut and we could still hear them) and very sternly told them that Mama is sleeping they need to sleep too. NO MORE TALKING OR LAUGHING. It is time to sleep. And guess what? It worked!!!!! They listened to me. I must have sounded VERY ANGRY.

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