Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Battle On!

I read this post today while visitiing fellow adoptive parents' blogs. It was written so well and I was very moved by it, I hope it moves you too!

"I have yet to come across a family adopting who has not faced tremendous obstacles to bring home their child or children. Whether it be financial, lack of family support, paperwork hurdles, visa issues... ect. Recently, Guatemala shut down completely to adoption and MANY families waiting will never see their babies come home. I have often asked the question... WHY? Why is adoption so darn hard? Well, it is simple... the enemy wants nothing more than these children to stay in darkness and oppression... to never know the love of a family... so they will forever be broken and hurting. Why would Satan ever want any of these kids to come home where they will know God, know love, and heal from the pain of abandonment? No wonder Haitian adoptions are so impossible. Haiti is the voodoo capital of the world where it is openly acceptable to worship Satan. Would Satan want them here or there?

This is a battle beyond what we can ever see or imagine. The battle is fierce.... Some battles on this Earth will be lost. This is not God's world. Do, I believe God is bigger than all of it? YES!!! But, I also know this world is evil, it is not our home, and it is full of injustice, pain and strife. Take a look at the bible. God's most faithful were imprisoned, persecuted, struck down, and even lost their lives all in the name of Christ.

My faith is not in whether or not my kids will come home. My faith is in Him, that no matter what this life brings, I will not be shaken. Victory is His, and one day we will live in Glory with Him where no tears will be shed, where there will be no orphans and we will finally have won the battle. I long for that day."
Thank you so much, Courtney.

Tonight at our church service our pastor had my husband and I come up to share with the church our adoption progress and our plans to travel to Haiti in a few months. How amazing is it that as my husband was sharing about the adoption, he said the same thing? He saw this whole thing as a spiritual battle as well.

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